Death Becomes Herclick here
Sam's art looks distinctly (and deliberately) like David Hockney's paintings with their bright pastels and flat, sun-drenched LA facades. But Sam's paintings depict the less sunny parts of Southern California life: they are all scenes of infamous LA locations where horrible violence or death occurred.
   The first in the series is based on a police photograph of Marilyn Monroe's bungalow taken on the day she died. The auction paddles, made for the scene where Sam's paintings are being sold at a charity auction, mimic Marilyn's curves and are numbered with her measurements. Click here to see a montage of Sam's other LA paintings, whose subjects include:
  • the condo from which the Rodney King beating was filmed
  • the Viper Room where River Phoenix O.D.'d
  • the Ambassador Hotel where Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated
  • Nicole Brown Simpson's house
  • O.J.'s Brentwood estate
  • Sharon Tate's house
  • the La Bianca mansion
  • ...and the Melrose Place pool where Brooke drowned.
   Executive producer Frank South considered this his favorite marriage of content and production needs--colorful paintings with a dark history.